Monday, July 23, 2012

Just a little update...

I know it's been awhile now, but my job is killing me with work overload and I haven't really had any energy lately. We have inventory a week from today. :(

Anyway! I have 35 eyeshadows listed on Etsy now! I've only had three sales so far, but I figure once I get more shades that what I already have, I'll get more. :)

Last night I wore "Soviet" and "Betsy" out when my boyfriend and I went out to eat. We wanted to eat at our favorite restaurant, Nacho Mama's, but when we got there we realized it had shut it's doors! Bad times. It was a hot and muggy New Orleans evening. We had to walk back to the streetcar (which was about 6 or 7 blocks away) and from there we decided to go to our second favorite restaurant. After we ate, we decide to go ahead and walk the rest of the way home, which was *checks Google Maps* 11 blocks from the restaurant. Whew! I was a hot, sweaty mess when I got home, but my eyeshadow was still intact! A little Urban Decay Primer Potion underneath and it lasted all night! I should have taken before and after pictures!

So yep. That's what's been going on with me lately. I'll try to post more after inventory is over! <3

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Great news!

I am almost tempted not to write this post at all--I don't want any bad news to follow! LOL.

First, let me say that last week I made my first sale online!! It was to a woman in Ireland, so I even got to get a bit of experience shipping internationally. Admittedly, I may have made MAYBE $3 on the sale after costs and shipping, so I was able to adjust prices a bit to get everything in order. SO exciting!

Secondly, a friend of mine who I know through my day job (I am assistant manager at a discount store--SO glamorous ;) ) came into my job a few days ago and asked me how everything was going. I let her know about my business venture through Etsy and she was immediately interested. I gave her my Etsy shop address and she later contacted me, saying she knew the owner of a consignment shop on the main street close to my job. She let me know she would show the woman my shop address and see if she was interested in letting me consign some items in her shop. She liked what she saw apparently, so now I am waiting on an email from her letting me know when I will be able to meet up with her to discuss business.

Maybe this was a good decision on my part. Do I want to get rich from this? No. However, I would like to make enough where I know I can go on a vacation at least once per year and not have to worry about bills all while doing something I truly love. I didn't always have a love for makeup--it just kind of found me.

Here's to beautiful beginnings, folks. :)

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